Entry Doors Pittsburgh

Superior Window Manufacturing is dedicated to providing quality Entry Doors to Pittsburgh and the tri-state area. In addition to being energy efficient, the quality of our Entry Doors are built to the highest standards and provide an superior alternative to the consumer-grade doors that home improvement retailers sell.

All Superior Window Manufacturing front entry doors are qualified for the ENERGY STAR® program. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy created ENERGY STAR for consumers to recognize energy-saving and environmentally safe products. Superior Window Manufacturing prides itself in producing ENERGY STAR Entry Doors.

Not only will these ENERGY STAR Entry Doors provide greater interior comfort and increase the value of your home, they also reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Superior Window Manufacturing‘s professional-grade Entry Doors contain materials of the highest quality, including 20-gauge galvanized steel that contains 49% more steel than consumer-grade doors. Endorsed as “the door preferred by America’s top remodelers,” their excellent durability contains a a lifetime limited transferable warranty.

Superior Window Manufacturing also provides installation services for your new Entry Door. We want to ensure that, not only do you receive the right Entry Door for your home, but that it is professionally installed!

Storm Doors Pittsburgh

Energy-efficient Storm Doors by Superior Window Manufacturing eliminates harsh outdoor elements, bringing more comfort into your home and providing protection to your entry doors. This is done by using 20% thicker aluminum than the consumer-grade storm doors sold in home improvement retailers.

Superior Window Manufacturing has a selection of Storm Doors to suit any taste and budget. Our professional installation team will ensure that your new Storm Door is installed correctly, minimizing any disruptions to your schedule.

Patio Doors Pittsburgh

Superior Window Manufacturing features Swinging Patio Doors and Sliding Patio Doors that are vastly superior to consumer-grade doors due to the high quality of standards that we demand for our products. This is what sets us apart from the traditional doors sold in home improvement stores.

In order to best complement your home, Superior Window Manufacturing offers professional class Swinging Patio doors in fiberglass, smooth steel and textured steel constructions. To further your options, we also feature a wide variety of paint and stain colors on our swinging patio doors.

To provide you with the highest quality materials, our steel Patio Doors contain 49% more steel than a consumer-grade door, which is the result of using 20-gauge galvanized steel.

The ENERGY STAR seal that is featured on every energy-efficient Patio Door highlights its top-of-the-line construction, making your home’s interior more comfortable and reducing the consumption of energy. Fitted with a non-warping, non-rotting heavy-duty extruded sill, our ENERGY STAR Patio Doors provide a strong layer against outdoor conditions.

Superior Window Manufacturing’s Swinging Patio Doors include standard features that increase the security of your home and family. A spring loaded latching system that automatically latches when closing, and a maximum security deadbolt and lock area reinforced with a 20-gauge steel security plate are both included to add strength to your swinging patio door.

Our Sliding Patio Doors feature triple weatherstripping and air-tight insulation, which eliminates air and sound infiltration to improve the interior comfort of your home.

When it comes to doors, Superior Window Manufacturing is Pittsburgh’s “go-to” place for interior and exterior door solutions. Our expert professionals will help you select a door that suits the needs of your home, enhances its overall look, with professional door installation services that are second-to-none.

Contact the experts at Superior Window Manufacturing today to see how you can update your current door and save money on energy costs. Superior Window Manufacturing, Inc. is fully insured and financing is available for your convenience. Be sure to ask about our FREE estimates!