Vinyl and Custom Replacement Windows Pittsburgh

Superior Windows Manufacturing offers a variety of products that are designed to give your home that elegant, attractive appearance, while providing the many conveniences that an innovative design is capable of bringing out. Choosing the right replacement window product is important, as they need to be able to withstand the harsh elements of Pittsburgh winters, as well as rain and wind. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, for detailed information about one of our window products below.

Double Hung Windows

double hung window

  • The Double Hung Window is durable enough for even the most discriminating homeowner, yet attractively styled to compliment any home
  • Our windows feature the tilt-in convenience of both sash allowing for effortless cleaning.
  • Special sill design helps water to run off and provides an exceptionally weather tight seal.
  • Mitered sash design for aesthetically pleasing “clean” lines and a beautifully “finished” appearance.
  • Full width, corner-to-corner weather-stripped meeting rail eliminates drafts and provides multiple barriers for enhanced thermal performance.
  • A solid vinyl construction eliminates all your scraping, puttying and painting concerns.
  • Our Double Hung Windows have it all – beautiful traditional design, superior insulation and maintenance-free construction

Casement and Awning Windows

casement awning

  • These beautiful and stylish vinyl windows may be installed individually or in multiple pair combinations.
  • Each window is constructed with superior quality stainless steel hardware to give you a lifetime of trouble free operation.
  • The detailed design and your choice of optional grids allow you to perfectly match your taste and the design of your home.
  • Sash opens a full 90 degrees.
  • Full perimeter and a specially designed flap seal that seals the window against air and water.
  • Heavy-duty hardware that pulls the sash snuggles against the frame to create a tight seal against the elements.
  • Quality components allow for smooth opening and closing action as well as easy cleaning.
  • A window for all seasons with carefree dual pane glass and a solid fully welded vinyl frame and sash.

Horizontal Slider Windows

horizontal windows

  • Give your home a modern outlook with our Horizontal Slider Windows.
  • A lasting investment in beauty, design and convenience, the Horizontal Slider Windows multi-cavity construction and energy-efficient glass assures years of durability and energy savings.
  • Constructed from specially formulated, high-impact vinyl for long-lasting durability; and the color is part of the vinyl, eliminating the need for bothersome painting.
  • Designed for energy-efficient, weather-tight performance–even in the worst weather conditions.
  • A specially designed brass roller system lets the sash operate with minimum effort.
  • Narrow profiles for a larger daylight opening, allowing a greater view of the outdoors.
  • Ergonomically – designed integral pull handles for easy, convenient sash operation.
  • Double weather-stripping eliminates drafts and air infiltration at the entering rail.

Tilt ‘N’ Slide

tilt n slide window

  • Tilt ‘N’ Slide is a patented, revolutionary hardware with unique features.
  • It provides maximum usage from your window space by allowing windows to: slide open easily, slide to any position and tilt inward.
  • Full-tilt position allows optimum ease for cleaning, rapid emergency exit and full ventilation.
  • Tilt ‘N’ Slide hardware allows you to safely clean your windows from inside your home.
  • Because both sashes swing out of the way, you get maximum ventilation.
  • With both sashes open fully, you have the widest possible opening for emergency exit.
  • Tilt ‘N’ Slide design is impossible to lift open from the outside, yet is easy to remove from the inside.
  • Easy opening design stays smooth-operating because each sash is carried by three carriers and twelve wheels of brass.

Bay and Bow Window

bay window

  • Let the Bay or Bow Window broaden your view of the outdoors and add style and distinction to your home.
  • The strength of the bow begins inside where factory-finished support members stabilize the unit, assuring many years of service.
  • The head and seat of each Bow and Bay Window is crafted using real birch wood, adding beauty and elegance to your home.
  • Beautiful and durable, these elegant windows are customized to enhance the exterior and interior of your home.
  • Stainless steel hardware and solid vinyl construction will provide years of smooth operation without the worries of maintenance or painting.

Garden Window

garden window

  • Let the sun shine in with the Garden Window.
  • By installing this attractive window, you’ll add individual style to your home while your plants flourish in year round natural sunlight.
  • Side vents provide full glass area on sides for extra daylight and easy full side ventilation.
  • Our Garden Window units are built with energy-efficiency in mind by combining vinyl frame and sash with wood components and insulated glass.
  • Custom sizing available to fit virtually any opening.

Vinyl Patio Door

  • Exclusive sliding system featuring adjustable dual tandem 1” wheels, ensuring smooth, easy and quiet operation.
  • Meeting and slide rail steel reinforcements add to the strength of the sliding patio door.
  • Multiple air chambers are built into the design of the door parts for greater thermal efficiency and increased sound abatement.
  • Sturdy adjustable screen (patented) is designed not to derail or jam. Available in fiberglass or anodized aluminum mesh.
  • Exclusive, high-performance water drainage system (patent pending) helps water run off.

Energy Package

Superior’s Energy Package includes Low-E glass and argon gas offering the ultimate in thermal glass performance and glare reduction. Low-E glass helps block the sun’s fabric-fading ultraviolet rays, protecting your valuable carpets, upholstery and drapes.

Add one of the most comprehensive energy packages to your window order today for maximum savings! This special glass is a balanced performer that can be used to maximize energy efficiently.

Our Energy Package is designed to offer you the most energy efficiency for your money. You will notice a difference in the comfort of your home and also in your heating and cooling bills.

*Glass with Foam Spacer, Low-E Glass.

Replacement windows are an investment in your home. Superior Window Manufacturing has a reputation for superior service as well as lasting value. Our experienced professionals will assist you with the information and product knowledge that you need to make informed decisions about your window replacement. To learn more about our products and services contact us today for a FREE in-home consultation!

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